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Forest Road

Aligning aloud

A podcast on law of attraction

- How I broke through limiting beliefs and reclaimed my purpose.

Presented by Jerilee

Honestly, I feel like if you've made it this far, you probably know my spiel like the back of your own hand... So, allow me to share something that maybe you didn't know. I love new ideas and concepts; they make me feel excited and so I have probably mocked up more business ideas then is possible to count. When I find that sweet spot of a concept, when all the pieces fall into place, I get this feeling of complete joy! So, it's become obvious to me when something isn't "it."

I like to call this following my emotional guidance system. 

This podcast idea happened in a similar way and the moment my wordplay for a name came together, I knew I was onto something... total elation! Which was surprising as I wasn't 100% sure where it was leading or if I'd get past the first episode. The entire idea was birthed and launched in the space of a week, and here I am 6 weeks on and still feeling inspired... 

If that isn't divine intervention, then I don't know what is!!

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What people have to say 

"It’s surprising me how much just listening to your podcasts is affecting me, and how much it’s helping me to be a better version of myself. I think your insights on situations is helpful but mostly you're opening me up to the world of vibrational energy, I had never thought about it or even considered anything like it, and it’s just helping me see the world and my life in a different way."

- Spotify listener

"I absolutely love it, really resonates with me as a mum. I recently started being more present with my kids and playing games and moving away from technology, you're encouraging people to live in the moment and accept what comes, and that's actually something I can say thank you for. Great Job keep going!"

- @kelsirebecca_

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