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A litte about me

 A quick few facts about me

I have 3 Beautiful Daughters.

I'm a sucker for a good Disney film.

I feel most like myself when i'm in nature.

I love to Sing (and daydream of joining a band/choir)

Red is my most favorite nail colour.

 Nails have become something far larger than anything I dared to dream.

I will forever be thankful to the friends that I have made and the wonderful opportunities that I have had. 

I started my nail Journey around my growing family in 2012 but it wasn't until I found New Zealand Nail Competitions in 2015 that I came to realise this entire other world existed.

A world that has lead me on the most amazing adventures.

I've since gone on to compete in Australia, America, NTNA and many, many online competitions. I am both humbled and honored to have had success with these experiences and I am am proud to share I am now a qualified Nail Judge an Ace Educator and recently became a Co-Owner of the New Zealand Nail Competitions  with my good friend of mine Amanda Viviers

 Although I'm pretty sure I grossly underestimated my ability to gain a Nail Career and balance my mum life, it hasn't slowed me down -much and my passion for this industry has only grown with my children. 

For me it is important to grow and adapt in this ever changing industry and keep myself at the top of my game, I believe you never stop learning and I feel it is important to attend as many nail, business or personal growth classes as possible. I really love being involved in all things creative and like to surround myself with like-minded people, which always leads to fun, new and exciting adventures. watch this space...

Jerilee xx 

“Your nails may not change the world, but the woman wearing them will"

the face beind the nails...

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