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Hello!!!  Welcome to the heart center of me throwing spaghetti at life.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a "look at the bright side of life" kind of mindset but after a bit of an awakening I've decided to align myself to my soul journey. I want to use my life as an experiment, chasing all the unicorns (things that bring me joy) testing the law of attraction and embracing this human experience... So welcome to this whirlwind adventure, I've no clue where we're going but I'm grateful to have you here, maybe we can trust fall into the universe together?  -   Living aloud here

Jerilee xx

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Hello beautiful beings, I'm on a bit of a journey and can feel a shift in the way I normally view and experience the world, I'm learning to follow my intuition and I feel called to share this next chapter in all its uncertainly and wonder. They say to just start so that is what I am doing…  I want to use my life as an experiment to see what we are really capable of and I hope that it allows you to question some of your own assumptions or beliefs about life.

So welcome to this whirlwind adventure, I'm grateful to have you here, let’s trust fall into the universe together!

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Finger Tips came to me as a divinely inspired idea, which is commonly referred to as a download - My first experience within my new understanding of our vibrational universe and I found it quite impactful.

I feel called, and heavily enthusiastic about creating a space that supports, encourages, uplifts and inspires creative individuals with a passion for nails. 

What was indented as a newsletter to wrap up the nail comps has become something I am very proud of, and as long as the inspiration is there, I will continue putting out issues.

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2024 is the year I chase my dreams and I'm taking my skillset on tour!!! I'm super excited for the opportunity to meet lots of creative souls and help to elevate their passion and confidence with plenty of great classes to choose from. Online courses/classes will be available later in the year and all my students will have the ability to purchase my own line of nail art products -Nailcraft -creative ingredients. Classes will be taught in Akzentz products but all classes are product neutral.

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June 15th and 16th 2024 - Submitted art only, open globally.

I am incredibly proud to bring you the New Zealand Nail competitions for a second year. Amanda and I have some exciting new ideas and have been making lots of fun and important improvements to continuously bring you the best event possible.

For all the competition goodness I welcome you to head to our social pages or check out our website.

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